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Deposit bonuses

The most common type of incentive bonus is the introductory (or registration bonus, welcome bonus, for example - After registering an account and/or making the first deposit of a certain amount into a player's game account, bonus game funds are credited. To withdraw them, usually requires wagering - its conditions may vary. For example, the rules may require participation in certain types of games or winning multiple bets: the specifics are different for each casino.

Often there are recurring and event-based deposit bonuses. They are awarded, for example, when depositing on weekends, or are associated with certain holidays. Announcements and wagering conditions are usually published in the casino newsfeed, notifications are also available in the personal cabinet.

A deposit bonus may be fixed (subject to certain conditions) or dynamic (calculated as a percentage of the amount deposited by the player). To prevent financial fraud, almost all casinos limit the maximum amount of the deposit bonus.

Carefully studying the rules of the game, you may come across the term Sticky Bonus (FreePlay), which is a type of deposit bonus. Its important difference from the others is the possibility of using game funds only for betting. It is impossible to withdraw and cash out that amount.

If the casino has a referral program to the gaming account may be added to the Refferal Bonus for attracting other players to the institution. The payout will depend not only on the fact that new players sign up, but also on the amount they spend on bets. Sometimes the bonus is paid out whenever a referral makes a deposit.

Some of the less common deposit bonuses include:

  • For the method of payment;
  • Cash Back;
  • Reload (repeated deposits into your betting account);
  • for high stakes players (Highroller Bonuses).

Deposit Bonuses should not be confused with Bonus Points, which are notional units that can be spent exclusively in gameplay. To convert them into real cash, you will need to perform some gambling activities, as determined by the casino rules.

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