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A smart socket with Wi-Fi. What is it?

What is a Smart Socket? Why is Wi-Fi in a socket? How does it connect and function? I'm going to share all of this information in this article. We will also attempt to determine whether or not a smart socket might be worth purchasing and what its benefits may be.

Let's begin with the fact that Wi-Fi can be found in almost everything: washing machines to TVs, kettles to multicookers and light bulbs. Now let's move on to the sockets. The Smart Socket was a recent invention. Numerous outlets have been made available by many manufacturers. These sockets are actually selling quite a bit.

Let's find out first what this device does. Let me explain in simple terms.

A smart socket plugs into an existing socket. (If it's an overhead socket, there may be recessed sockets) Other electrical appliances are connected to the socket. This is a basic adaptor. The socket is connected directly to your WiFi network. You can control it via a special app on your smartphone or tablet. You can control the socket remotely, even if you are far from your home. Only some models have the ability to turn it on/off, operate statistics, and view statistics about electricity usage. The model of the device and its manufacturer will determine the functionality.

What tasks can a smart socket be used to?

To be honest, I rarely use my socket. The HS110, shown in the above picture, is my socket. I set it up and played with it for about a week. It has never been used.

However, there are many ways to use Wi-Fi sockets. You can use this example:

  • The ability to turn on and off the lights. For example, in the child's room.
  • Before you get home, you might turn on the heater.
  • You can schedule a device.
  • While on holiday, you can remotely turn on the lights. As if you're at home.
  • And, of course, you can plug in your iron through the smart socket without worrying if it hasn't turned off. Check your smartphone to see if it is working.

There are many options. Every user will find the right application for them.

What are your thoughts on all these smart outlets and other devices? Which purpose would you use these devices for? Please leave your comments.